BUBBLY GINGO is a bonkers game of bubbly gin-tastic bingo, with a mixture of amazing prizes, terrible prizes, cash prizes and gin & bubbly prizes, paired with the UK's largest selection of gin & fizz served by the glass. Bingo games are intermixed with crazy dancing sessions, twerking and a DJ sets.

Every ticket includes:

  • A glass of bubbly to wet your whistle

  • A bingo book & pen

  • Access to all Gin, Fizz & bottle bars

  • Lots of fun, frolics and dancing.

To make sure we have a quick drinks service bars work on a token basis. Tokens can be bought with cash or card at the event. We have a huge array of Gin & Bubbly, plus bottled beers, and a handful of other spirits too. 

Etiquette & T&C's

Before the game starts​

On arrival you will be given your glass of bubbly, bingo book and pen.

​Prior to commencement of any bingo session, we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all gaming equipment is in good working order. . Before the start of each game, the bingo Caller will:

  • Announce which bingo card is in play

  • Which line, lines or full house has to be completed to win the appropriate prize. 


During Play

Between 6 and 8 games will take place, intermixed with various dancing and craziness. Prior to play, the bingo caller will give a countdown to ensure you’re back at your seats. 

​Each number will be selected at random by means of a random number generator (“RNG”). Customers must mark their cards in such a way that the numbers are sufficiently legible to be easily verifiable, allowing us to check them beyond dispute.

Each number will be displayed on screen too. In the event of an error, the bingo callers say is final. 

In the event that a customer requests a re-check of the numbers called, the caller will not perform this (unless there are exceptional circumstances) after 10 numbers have been called or after the single line is checked, whichever is first.

When a number is called, displayed or screen, referenced or given any description of the number, it is deemed to have been started. Only a winning book or card containing the last number called is acceptable. It is the players responsibility to stop the caller to make a ‘’call’’ before the next number is called. All claims in the cse of a failiure to stop will be invalid. Calls must be made with a loud verbal shout or noise – this will be explained during the opening of the event.

Further claims will not be accepted once the next number has been called. I the case of a full house, no further claims can be accepted after the RGN has been re-set for the next game of Bubbly gingo. 

Prizes can only be redeemed by the individual playing and stopping the game i.e we are unable to accept claims on behalf of anyone else. 

Should there be multiple calls or winners, a special tie breaker game will be held, such as a twerking competition or similar.

Prizes. Each event features an array of prizes – some great – some terrible. Some venues feature a cash prize, of varying amounts . No venue’s cash prize ever exceeds £500.

In order to verify any prize, the winner must adhere to all already stated rules listed above, and must be in the possession of the winning book or card. Upon making a call or claim the player must be able to verify the claim, ensuring the marked book is easily readable and have their bingo card or book available for inspection within a reasonable period (no more than 3 minutes). Not being able to verify a claim for any reason means the prize will be null and void. 

The callers decision on any claim is final. 

In the event of any issues arising out of our control i.e computer malfunction etc, the game will re-start. 

Should you wish to be placed on our ‘’no play list’’ please contact us. This will ensure you are not able to attend any event for a period of 3 months. 

This is not a traditional bingo game, and any rules associated with the traditional game may not apply. Your host will explain each locations rules. 

We reserve the right to amend any of our rules, though we will make a reasonable effort to ensure that any significant changes to any event or any rule will be highlighted via our website along with notices within each building location. Once you play a game, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Rules.


  • You agree that you have read the full event brief, and its associated T&C’s at As stated within these details, this is not a traditional game of bingo, and therefore many of the rues associated with its gameplay may not apply. 

  • Prizes range from the terrible through to the hilarious. Some locations feature cash prizes of varying amounts. Cash prizes will not exceed £500. 

  • Tickets cannot be exchanged for any other  event.

  • Valid tickets or ticket codes are only accepted at entry.

  • Refunds will only be issued up to 21 days prior to an event and only if the event has sold out.

  • If we suspect a ticket/ticket code may not belong to you we may ask you to prove your identity or quote details from the original booking.

  • Tickets may be exchanged for access wristbands on first entry into the event. Each member of the audience must be wearing a valid wristband at all times during the event, if this is applicable. We cannot be held liable for any tickets/wristbands which are lost or stolen.

  • It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to ensure booking details and tickets are correct as mistakes cannot always be rectified.

  • In the event of the event advertised on the ticket having to be abandoned during the event (for any reason) the event will deemed to have been held and no refunds will be possible.

  • The compnay accepts no responsibility for any personal property lost, damaged or stolen.

  • All audience members consent to audio/visual recording of the event  for publicity purposes.

  • If the event is cancelled prior to the event starting the compnay will automatically refund tickets booked from the website (online bookings) back to the payment card used in the original transaction. If a ticket was purchased at a ticket outlet (not from the website) it is the responsibility of the ticket holder to organise their own ticket refund by contacting us through the website, as refunds will not be available at the ticket outlet used to purchase them.



  • To refuse entry to or remove any persons from the event

  • For security to search and “pat-down” a person and their belongings on entry to the event, including searching of bags.

  • Make changes to the schedule due to unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances.

  • Cancel the event for reasons beyond our control without notice and without liability to pay any person compensation or damage whatsoever.

  • Abandon the event during the event times due to unforeseen circumstances without liability to pay any person compensation or ticket refunds.



  • ID will be asked for if you look 25 or under at the door upon entry. If you can't prove you are over 18 (when asked) you will be refused entry or asked to leave the event. No refund will be given of ticket cost. 

  • The company cannot be responsible for the language, including swear words, used by any hosts or band members during their performances.

  • The company operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs and dangerous behaviour.  

  • The compnay operates a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening behaviour towards the staff.

  • Strobe and flashing lights may be used during the performances.

  • Smoking or vaping is only permitted outside of the the venue, at the discretion of each location. 

  • No purchasing of alcohol for consumption by minors or distribution to minors.

  • No alcohol, soft drinks or food may be brought into the event.

  • Dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Bars are operated by a drink token system. Tokens are non-refundable so please purchase only what you intend to consume.

  • Loud music can damage ears. Please don't stand directly in front of the speakers.

  • Some locations feature food. Although the company will cater for most dietary requirements they cannot guarantee to cater for all special dietary requirements, lifestyle choices or those with allergies or food intolerances. You are able to leave the event and cater for you needs outside of the event but it cannot be brought inside the venue.

  • No pets of any type are allowed into the event.

  • You are responsible for your own reasonable health and safety at each location. Should you suffer any injury you agree to notify a staff member immediately, and complete the relevant accident books. Witness statements etc will then follow. 

  • Responsible drinking is a necessity, and anyone deemed to have consumed too much alcohol will not be served anymore alcohol. This is completely at the discretion of the staff at the event. 

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